Metal Fabrication and Welding Company in Ellwood City, PA
We handle a variety of fabrication needs from structural steel work, railings and stairs to component manufacturing for various industries and residential customers.
We supply the structural steel work for many area construction companies.  Recent projects include renovations and additions to hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, retail space, and industrial re-purposing.  Our customers appreciate that we are able to provide modifications and retrofit applications to the structures.
We build stairways, ladders, smaller accessory beams, railings for commercial use and residential customers as well.  We also do heavier structural work, in the form of beams, columns, lentils, purloins, etc. for contracting clients.
We work with the mining industry providing component parts, and the urethane industry creating molds produced to specs.
We perform repairs on everything from heavy equipment to mower decks. 
Our residential railings can be found in and on some of the most prestigious homes in the area.  Our steel sculpture work is displayed  in Seven Fields near Cranberry Township.
Our base is broad and our talents many.  If you have a project in mind that requires the welding or fabrication of steel, aluminum, copper or other metal, please give Paff Custom Welding a call.
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