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WE SELL PROPANE!!!   You know how frustrating it is to be just ready to put on that steak - and - NO GAS!!!    Stop it and fill up.
Remember Trader Horn?
Remember that amazing Valley Cleaner-Degreaser they used to sell?!!?

Well we missed it so much that we became a Distributor!!!

Stop in the shop and see James (Jamie) or any of the guys.

Buy it by the gallon, mix the strength you need for your project, spray it on, let it work for a couple minutes, and wipe clean.

Great product use to clean: boats, autos, wheels, carpets, vinyl tops, engines, asphalt, metals, cement, any were you have a tough cleaning job.

And you can't beat it around the house!
Carpets, linoleum, tile and wood floors, woodwork, upholstery, laundry and bathrooms.  My favorite is in the kitchen - it is safe around the food.
Ovens, stoves, refrigerators all get a beautiful shine!

Depending on your level of OCD a gallon could last you a long time!

"Valley Cleaner-Degreaser is a water-based product containing no harsh solvents or chemical that could damage most surfaces. Valley Cleaner-Degreaser is biodegradable, and non-flammable.
Valley Cleaner-Degreaser gives you a quick and easy solution to all of your touch cleaning problems " - taken from the bottle

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